Grown in Pflaz, Germany, made in London. Copper coloured. It's really a red wine made from pink rather than red grapes. A rosé on steroids or a really unusal style of light, but structured red. Drink cool but not too cold. Maybe 13 degrees. Cherry, vanilla, cloves, white pepper. A stunner.


Renegade Wines - An urban winery in East London, quickly carving a name and a niche for themselves.  Cherry picking only the very best grapes from the best produces across Europe and the UK, before using their incredible knowledge and experience to create craft wines, unique to this "region" and winery. 


Who is Ara? Ara is a woman. She is 36 and originally from Madrid but now lives in Shoreditch, that trendy part of East London. She's a Data Scientist and works in the media world. Yes, those are her real eyes, they are pretty incredible right!!

'Ara' - Pinot Grigio Ramato



    (Week of 21/9/20)

    Wednesday: 6pm -11pm

    Thursday: 5pm -11pm

     Friday: 5pm - 11pm 

    Saturday: 10am - 1am

    Sunday 10am - 11pm

    Just Eat: Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun