A lot of the essentials you might need to get you through the long ol' lockdown weeks


All items will arrive in one sealed cardboard box by a covid safe driver who will leave the package on your doorstep.

The driver will a wear mask and gloves and santise between each drop for your saftey


RRP: £38


Box includes:


- 2 x Oatly Barista 

- 1 x Clean Bean Organic Tofu Block

- 1 x Love Shrooms Chaga Cacao mix (5 servings)

- 1 x 500ml Milkman Chocolate Oat milk 

- Tony Chocolony almond and sea salt

- 2 x Smartass Toilet roll 

- Rockstar bakery Sourdough 500g

- Tinned Tomatos 


- 250g Chestnut mushrooms 

- Bunch of Spinach 

- 2 x Avocado 

- Courgette

- Aubergine 

- Cucumber 

- 2 x Red Peppers

- Butternut Squash 

- Celeriac

- 5 Red onion

- Bunch of Carrots

- Bunch of Bananas

- 600g Vine PlumTomatoes


Essentials Box

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