These super dooper care packages include:



7 x servings of our Turmeric & Chaga mushroom latte mix (amazing for immunity) 


7 servings of our Elvis Smoothie mix (Matcha - Maca - Moringa - Camu-Camu -Spirulina - Activated charcoal - Just blend with milk, PB and banana


8 x cheezy dough balls With garlic Mayo- Pop in the oven for 20 minutes 


1 X Charlie Brownies Double Chocolate Brownie

1 X Charlie Brownies Rocky Road Brownie

2 x Oatly Barista milk 

3 x mixed flavour Jarr Kombucha (Passion fruit/Raspberry/Ginger)

1 x Karma cola 

1 x Gingerella

2 x Karma Lemony  

1 x Silken Tofu (Firm) 

2 x What the Crap toilet rolls

1 x Vegantic marshmellows 

3 x mixed craft beers (Brew Dog (punk or dead pony club0 /Morreti/Brooklyn) - Please specify

7 x servings of Kokoa Luxury Hot Chocolate 

1 x tin Heinz baked beans

6 x oranges

1 x butternut squash 

1 x mani life cruncy peanut butter

3 x limes 

2 x peppers 

1 x courgette 

4 x lemons

5 x Bananas

2 x tins of Coconut milk

1 x bag of spinach

1 x courgette

4 x apples



The Love Shack all in Isolation Pack



    Due to the ongoing Corona virus we are temporarily closed because of the fucking corona virus!