Our BUMPER Veganuary starter box  includes a delictible & exceptional array of delicious bits and artisan bobs from a whole load of our friends and is designed for anyone with an appreciation of fine Vegan fayre, or alterantively, anyone dipping their toes into Veganism this January - It also really supports a lot of small vegan businesses


Part of our mission with Lovin' Store is to show non-vegans how utterly amazing Vegan food is, and convert them in the tastiest possible way


In fact, we're so confident of the quality this box contains, if you purchase it for a non-vegan and they hate it, we'll refund 100% of the cost!


Purchasing this box will not only help us through this challenging time but will also support many suppliers who have had to close and been severly affacted by the big C.


RRP - £70.75


Box Includes:

(Please check the indivdual products in our 'ad on's' section for allergy information)


- Biffs Burgers x 2


- Myshrooms - Cordyceps, ashwagandha Twx bar


- Club Cultured 1kg 


- Rockstar Bakery sourdough 500g


- Young Vegans GF Farmhouse Pie


- Kinda co - Farmhouse Cheese


-Arty Vegan - Truffle & Garlic Young Camembert


- Love Mayo - Vegan Garlic Mayo


- M*lkman Chocolate Oat M*lk


- M*lkman Oat Milk


- Fruits of the Forage - Hot Ruby Chutney 


- Love Shrooms Chaga Cacao Mix 


- Dalstons Lemonade 


- Jakes Steaks Pepperoni 


- Well Bean Mylk Chocolate Bar


Enjoy and THANK YOU so much for your support.

Small Business Veganuary Survival Pack

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