'Thomas' Pinot Noir - 2018 - Grown in Italy, Made in London.

They say Oltrepo Pavese in Lombardy is the new Burgundy. Taste for yourself. This Pinot is fresh, aromatic, light yet powerful, cherries, spike, leather. 


Renegade Wines - An urban winery in East London, quickly carving a name and a niche for themselves.  Cherry picking only the very best grapes from the best produces across Europe and the UK, before using their incredible knowledge and experience to create craft wines, unique to this "region" and winery. 


Thomas the ledge. Thomas the cabinet maker. Thomas the father. Thomas is a cracking wine and a cracking bloke. He's not been without his troubles, but they are what make us who we are! Stay stong and drink Thomas. Drink him now till 2025.

'Thomas' Pinot Noir - 2018



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