2017 'Vern' Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon - (30/70 Cab/Mer)

Grown in Albania, Made in London - just don't tell the authorities!

Our biggest red. Structured and Bordeaux-esque but on steroids. Aged in New and Second French Oak with a touch of New Chestnut.


Renegade Wines - An urban winery in East London, quickly carving a name and a niche for themselves.  Cherry picking only the very best grapes from the very best produces across Europe and the UK, before using their incredible knowledge and experience to create craft wines, unique to this "region" and winery. 


Who is Vern? Vern works in accounts for a well known and exceptional East London based coffee roaster and lives in Whitechapel.

'Vern' Organic Bordeaux Blend (30/70 Cab/Mer) - 2017



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