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Our Suppliers

We have always taken great pride in using smaller, artisanal and as local as possible suppliers.


We’re a small business and it makes sense for us all to support each other. It's also great fun getting to know people in a similar position that are doing equally bonkers hours for equally little pay. Getting to try all kinds of small scale products, often before they're released, and learning about the care and craft that goes into making them is a joy. 



When we started out we were the first stockists for several friends businesses and it was a real pleasure being able to use their products on our menu and give them a leg up.

We were the first restaurant to use the phenomenal Club Cultured tempeh and now they're all over the shop, including Wagamama's!


This ethos is something we want to continue and when choosing suppliers, for what ever part of the business, we always look at whether they are a vegan business, their providence, their supply chain, packaging, delivery methods, production methods and dare we say, vibe, as well as obviously the quality of the product.


From our Tofu which is made with European Soya beans about a mile away on Brick Lane, to our coffee which supports animal sanctuaries filled with foamy UK made Oat milk, we genuinely care about our supplier relationships and the quality of products we stock.

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